We are Restart. By ‘we’ I mean Dr. Spilkus, Dingo8, Aria, and myself, Ororo, but I guess you could say ‘Restart’ consists of anybody who, like us, still believes that there is something worth holding on to in the Electronic Music Scene.

See, things are looking bad right now. New School kids are coming for the wrong reasons, Old School kids are hating the new kids cause they think they’re coming for the wrong reasons, New School kids are hating the Old School kids cause they come off like pretentious jaded dicks, and everyone just seems to be waiting for something to happen … Then you got your club kids who are coming for a different set of wrong reasons (this ties in with my whole theory of popularity contaminating music but I won’t bore you with that), and twisting the whole thing so out of proportion that their scene might as well be in an entirely separate category altogether.

There’s a lot of division, you see, which is kind of ironic considering that ‘division’ is the very opposite of what we were supposed to be about: ‘Unity.’ … We love that shit. Well, we used to anyway, when it was still around. Actually, I guess we do still love it, but in the same way you still love someone when the relationship starts going sour. We had this anagram once, ‘P.L.U.R.’; It meant ‘Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect.’ Can’t really say it anymore without someone snickering. When things went sour it sort of became a joke. A cliche. But then I tend to subscribe to the belief that sometimes some things are so true that they have no choice but to become cliche.

Anyway, we miss it, the unity. Some of us are actually starting to forget how much it meant to us and are getting dangerously close to growing up and joining the well-oiled isolationist society that we were telling to fuck off in the first place. But there are others among us who realize what a rare treasure unity is, and how much of a loss society is without it. Unity is a key element in something you may have heard many of us refer to as ‘the Vibe’ (capitalized, like the G in God). We love that shit too.

So, all that being said, it’s become quite obvious to Ororo and I that somewhere along the line something went horribly wrong. I’m not sure if we all got too cocky or lazy or selfish or what, but all of us fucked up somewhere. So we decided that we’re just gonna start the whole thing over again. We’re going to start small and make sure that only the most important things are there (the heart, the love, the knowledge that all humans on the planet are brothers and sisters, that kinda stuff) and we’re just going to do it for the right reasons. And if you’re feelin that at all, you’re more than welcome to come along. Just make sure that you’re taking the newbies under your wing if you’re Old School, and that you’re respecting your elders if you’re New School. And the club kids … well, we’ll figure out what to do with them later.

We spin Drum & Bass music because it is, in our opinions, one of those rare types of music that really makes people smile big (which really helps when you’re trying to bring a group of people together, you know?). Not dissing other types of music AT ALL, but you know that face people make when they hear music they like, and it looks like they just smelled something really funky? That happens a lot with Drum & Bass. We like it a whole bunch.

Welcome to Restart.