Brian Salyer, better known as Dingo8 is a music lover at heart, starting his journey in garage bands in the 80’s. Influenced by skate punk and alternative music, Brian started tuning into electronic music in the 90’s. Working with 4 tracks and drum machines, Brian asked a friend to show him how to record with a computer. Years of experimenting led to the formation of Digital Coalition, a collective of DJs and producers that expanded his musical horizon. These years helped form Dingo into a DJ that is in tune with his dance floors.
By 2000 Dingo was producing house music which caught the attention of Restart House Music. After many bookings Brian was asked to run operations at Restart. Six years later Restart is still growing and keeping the vibe alive. Watch for Dingo to drop funky disco house, or some jazzy originals. Dingo has even branched out into the world of drum and bass, mixing soul samples with funky bass lines. Dingo8: DJ, producer, and musician, is constantly pushing himself to bring joy to dance floors everywhere.