is a collective of DJs, producers and artists who share a common love of true Drum and Bass. Our monthly Columbus-based DnB night serves both as a venue for us to play the music we love and as a place where new DJ talent can cut their teeth in front of a crowd. Catch us the 1st Friday of every month at Rehab Tavern 456 W Town Street, Columbus, Ohio.


Welcome to Restart







As a multi-genre Drum & Bass DJ & Producer, Aria has been part of the Midwest DJ scene for the past 18 years. The force & resident behind many long running nights in Columbus like Funktion Friday’s & TAG!, Aria has been offering a unique flavor of D&B like none other. Aria was also cofounder of Columbus’ first Drum & Bass record label Clandestine Agents Audio, hosting originals and remixes by the likes of Temperal Disturbance (Aria & Makku da Kutta’s production moniker), Titonton Duvante’, and Method One.


One of the founding members of Columbus Ohio’s URU crew, Ben Eargle has been playing drum and bass to the masses since 2001 . He represents half of the tag team duo known as the Wobble Warriors, and newly formed A Boy and His Dog. Blending the sounds of liquid DnB and jump up, the Doc has played shows and parties all over the midwest.

Alongside the URU crew and the Restart House Music lineup, he ran one of the most genuine underground EDM weekly events at the now defunkt Bento Go Go. He currently runs Restart Drum and Bass alongside his fellow co-founders DJ Aria and DJ Dingo 8. Keeping true to the scene and the music, RESTART Drum and Bass is picking up where the Bento Go Go nights left off.



Brian Salyer, better known as Dingo8 is a music lover at heart, starting his journey in garage bands in the 80’s. Influenced by skate punk and alternative music, Brian started tuning into electronic music in the 90’s. Working with 4 tracks and drum machines, Brian asked a friend to show him how to record with a computer. Years of experimenting led to the formation of Digital Coalition, a collective of DJs and producers that expanded his musical horizon. These years helped form Dingo into a DJ that is in tune with his dance floors.

Currently director of operations for Columbus Ohio’s legendary Restart House Music, he has branched out the into the world of Drum and Bass to co-found Restart Drum and Bass with DJs Aria and Dr.Spilkus.

Dingo8: DJ, producer, and musician, is constantly pushing himself to bring joy to dance floors everywhere.


We have always prided ourselves on providing a venue for both new and seasoned DJ talent to play in front of a crowd of true Drum and Bass heads who love the music as much as we do. 

If you’d like to play at a Restart Drum and Bass event contact Brian Salyer at dingo8@restarthousemusic.com or via Facebook. Visit the Events page for dates and times.